MORE SOUNDER FOR THE WAY a flute: refers to a section in the Tao te king in which the interstice between heaven and earth is compared to a flute or bellows - empty yet inex­haustible,
producing more with movement
-, the stillness enables the sound to be, as the interstice does the things. To sense the void or emptiness, for something comes into being, emerges. But:
The talkative reach their wits´end
again and again

Sounder For The Way: The insight that music evolves out of stillness becomes evident there where you have to eavesdrop, that is to say, where pauses are already naturally belonging to the whole and chal­lenge the ear. The sounder offers questions: Does what you have just heard tell you something about the next step I´ll take? Is it the step itself? Or is it the stillness which conducts you as inaudible echo of the preceding in which nevertheless everything else - at the same time - is enclosed too, as starting point or interstice?

Take The Other Handle: In the Enchiridion by Epictetus or his pupil there is a passage which deals with inevitable relationships like family kinship. The author compares this situation with having a jug. If these relationships aren´t working well, and you feel uneasy about them, he recommends just to take the other handle of the jug.

The cd starts out very brittle and noisy: with Jose­fine who gets ready for her performance; Josefine, this is the famous mouse singer from Kafkas short story; she limbers up, gets attuned. And it ends the same way: with Grounded, a homage to Mal Wal­dron, not noisy though, but nevertheless ploughing his own furrow. I admire Waldrons playing. He insists and yet always remains relaxed: it seems earthy and grounded and reminds me of a mountain climber who (also) moves in dizzy heights but at the same time catches hold of and fingers the rock as if they were then grown together, one, in a way like you´d say of somebody that he plants both feet solidly on the ground. I also tried to stick to it, to keep the time firmly anchored and to imagine that the terrain in front of me was even.

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