Born 1957 in Hamburg; musician and director of radio plays; lives in Strasbourg; composes for his instru­ment, the soprano saxophone and for radio plays.

1980 - 1986 studies of literature and philosophy in Ham­burg and Aix-en-Provence; playing in several music groups (saxophone and piano; mainly free jazz);
1981 bicycle trip from Aix-en-Provence to Cotonou (Benin).

1986/87 doctorat; theme: Death and Eros at Table.

Since 1987 lectorship for radio plays; dramatic advi­ser and assistent director for the radio play depart­ment of the SWR in Baden-Baden; essays on music and literature/philosophy; portraits of musicians and collages for the radio; music for theatre.

Since 1989 directing and adapting radio plays, for example Esquisse Radiophonique (world premie­re)*, Cascando and Words And Music from Samuel Beckett; an essay on Beckett; three radio­phonic pieces with texts from Daniil Charms, one of them with and for children**; several prizes.

From 1996, mainly music (soprano saxophone); in­ten­se examination of Monks and Lacys music;
collaboration with the sculptor, Daniel Depoutot;
own compositions.

Since 2000 solo- and duo performances, with Paul Lovens, Jean-Jacques Avenel, Irene Aebi, Daniel Depoutot etc..

*Steve Lacy wrote and played the music for this fragment.

**Einfach Schnickschnack won the Deutscher Kinder­hörspiel-Preis in 2004.