Hendrik Dorgathen
I really like his work, this rare connection between exaction and ope­ness or plainness: not to shy away from dirtying oneĀ“s hands and stay smart nevertheless.
I think his website is gorgeous. Although it already has a few years under its belt.

Daniel Depoutot
His sculptures have already become real good friends. And he him­self anyway.

This is a composers´ association with its own label. I don´t know any of them personally. But I like the basic approach: no accen­tuated, highlighted sounds or moments, the carrying-to-extremes of the non-expressive. And the stillness or silence as main focus of the work. Often long compositions, in which little happens, with long pauses: excercises of perception for advanced learners; quite far away from the common pattern of our reception; lapidary. For example the complete text of Antoine Beugers aus dem garten (From the Garden) for two performers is:
one tone. / rather short. / very low. / the two performers alternately have 10 minutes time to spare. / during their respective time they play the tone once or remain still. / the piece lasts a couple of hours.

La Grande Ourse
La Grande Ourse, named after the zodiac sign The Great Bear, is a Tai Chi organisation in the southwest of France, around hundred kilometers away from Bordeaux, with a wonderful teacher, Jean-Jacques Sagot.
Someone who in summer wants to practice Tai Chi all day long, for a week or two, should remember this adress.

This French sales and distribution company has already bestowed on me many a wonderful musical surprise. Regular newsletters with prosaic, short descriptions of the respectively introduced cd let me get to know unfamiliar or new musicians and sounds.

That really sounds good: cdbaby distributes cds by artists without any recording contract. Everybody can get registered there, for a fee (right now it´s 35 dollars).
The cds neither get evaluated or judged, selected nor censored. And there is no minimum sales volume. For each cd a small web­site with audio examples and no adverts will be installed.
That sounds good, doesn´t it? I hope, it also is as good as it sounds.